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Domestic, commercial and industrial on-site consumption solutions

Act now and reduce your energy bills forever

On-site consumption is legally allowed in Spain. Current legislation (Spanish Royal Decree RD 900/2015) allows you to become the producer of your own energy and to sell the remaining energy to the grid. Taking control of your energy costs now will give you major advantages. 

  • Significant cost reduction: by fixing your energy price, you will avoid your company relying on the growth of Spain’s unstable electricity market. Achieve savings of up to 30% on your current energy bill.
  • Total control over your investment: a secure investment, with short payback periods, a high rate of return and low maintenance costs. Control your investment using the modular nature of the photovoltaic systems, allowing you to split your investment and add to it as your company’s economic situation and actual needs grow.
  • Increase your competitiveness and the value of your facilities: Simply by reducing your production costs. Using your own roof, in addition to making savings, you will considerably increase the market value of your facilities.
  • Improve your corporate image: A solar photovoltaic system will not only provide you with large savings and a high rate of return, at the same time it will help your corporate image. An ever more important factor in a more environmentally aware society. An installation of only 10 kW capacity, avoids the emission of almost 10 tonnes of CO2 to the atmosphere.

Trust in our international experience and request a commitment-free consultation from our experts. 

Try our Solar Calculator. With just some information from your energy bills, of any distributor, you will know in just a few minutes the profitability of your PV system. From the space available on your deck to your consumption needs, the production possibilities and approximate turnkey price. Click here.


Energy cost: Grid vs. Photovoltaik

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Solar Calculator

Know the profitability of your PV system in just a few minutes!

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Commercial and industrial solutions

We provide you with a complete solution: we take care of the design, installation and maintenance of your photovoltaic system. We arrange own or external financing and we manage potential grants and subsidies. 

Our free solution for developing your photovoltaic system:

  • By modelling production in your area we calculate the most appropriate capacits for your system.
  • Using your individual energy consumption information, we provide you with a personalised estimate of your future monthly and annual saving.
  • We size your system optimally according to the desired level of on-site consumption and your investment potential.
  • We provide you with a bespoke preliminary report containing all of the information on the potential system, its costs and the return on investment.

BayWa r.e. offers you different financing models, including both own and external financing:

Achieve benefits without investing

Would you prefer to avoid tying up your capital but still want to reduce your energy costs? Use our Renting model. We rent you the photovoltaic plant on your roof and you self-consume the low-cost energy produced. In this way, you avoid the investment costs but achieve maximum security over your costs for the system's entire life. After 20 years of operation, you will be able to acquire the plant on fair terms. 

Save electricity costs and ensure long-term profitability

Are you looking for an investment that is both secure and profitable and which permanently reduces your electricity costs? Then investing in your own on-site consumption photovoltaic plant is the best solution for you.

You can currently get the external financing you want at particularly low rates. Your own capital contribution has a payback period of only approximately eight years and your earnings will grow in an environment of constantly increasing electricity prices.

Private households solutions

On-site consumption for private households is now possible in Spain, with and without batteries.

During the last five years, your electricity consumption has become 60% more expensive, while the cost of a photovoltaic system has fallen by up to 70%. This means that installing photovoltaic systems in your home is ever more cost-effective. 

With a simple system, you will be able to generate enough energy for your daily use. Excess energy produced may be stored for future use, for example, at night, or supplied into the public network in exchange for financial compensation. 

In addition, nowadays, a domestic photovoltaic system installed using our best components, may achieve payback in ever shorter periods of time. 

Contact us for further information and we will put you in touch with our network of expert installers.