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Become your own energy supplier

Self-sufficiency is legal in Spain and fully regulated. Current legislation (RD 244/2019) allows any individual or company to become their own energy supplier and to sell any surplus back to the grid. If you decide to take control of your energy consumption now, you will reap both the financial and environmental rewards.

Self-consumption PV project for Pastores Grupo Cooperativo

We delivered one of Spain’s first industrial PV projects with 100% self-consumed energy and helped the Pastores Grupo Cooperativo to save on its energy bill.

We help businesses, authorities and individuals to generate their own electricity

Important cost reductionIf you fix your energy price forever, you will prevent your company from depending on the unstable electricity market and stop your electricity bill being controlled by third parties. Save up to 30 percent on your current energy bills.
Control your investmentA secure investment, shorter amortisation periods, high profitability and low maintenance costs. Thanks to the modular nature of photovoltaic systems, you can control your investment and divide it according to your company’s economic situation and your actual needs.
Revalue your facilitySimply by lowering your production costs and using your own roof, not only will you save money, but you will also considerably increase the market value of your facilities.
Improve your corporate imageIn addition to bringing you savings, a photovoltaic solar installation improves your image to the outside world. It is becoming ever more important for companies to be environmentally aware. An installation generating only 10 kilowatts prevents almost 10 tonnes of CO2 emissions being released into the atmosphere every year.

Trust in our international experience and ask us about our no-obligation consultancy services

Using our knowledge of the electricity market and the latest advances in photovoltaic technology, at BayWa r.e. we initially ensure your roof is adequate for installing photovoltaic modules. Thereafter, we use simulation systems to calculate the output and the energy generation level appropriate for your needs and your consumption – regardless of the scale, whether industrial or domestic.

Our wide-ranging experience in this field allows us to guarantee to our clients that we can optimise the size and output of the photovoltaic system to meet the required level of energy self-sufficiency.

Test our solar calculator!

Using the information on your energy bills – regardless of supplier or energy company – you can determine the profitability of your future photovoltaic installation in only a few minutes. We can predict the space available on your roof, your self-sufficiency requirements, the production options and the approximate turnkey cost. Find all information here.

Energy costs: Grid vs. Photovoltaics

Let the sun work for you

If you are looking for an affordable investment and a new opportunity for your capital, while also seeking ways to permanently lower your electricity bills, a photovoltaic installation is the answer. At BayWa r.e., we can provide you with a comprehensive offer so that you perfectly understand every detail of the installation we are proposing to develop, and each of the steps we will follow in doing so: we handle the design, installation and maintenance of your entire photovoltaic system. Furthermore, and as part of the process, we can facilitate your own or external financing, and we manage any possible support and subsidies from which you may benefit.  

Know in advance which type of installation is best for you

Our no-obligation offer for developing your photovoltaic installation:

  • By simulating production in your area, we can calculate the most suitable output for your installation. 
  • Using personalised information relating to your energy consumption, we can provide you with a personalised estimate of your future monthly and annual savings. 
  • We will optimise your installation based on the level of self-sufficiency required and your investment options. 
  • We will provide you with a tailor-made preliminary report, which will include all the information about your potential installation, the cost and the investment return. 

BayWa r.e. offers a variety of financing models, using both your own and external funding

Receive benefits without investment

Would you rather not tie up your capital but still want to lower your energy costs? Use our PPA or leasing contract models. We produce the energy on your roof and you use it at a low cost. This way, you avoid incurring investment and operational costs, while obtaining maximum security for your energy costs throughout the installation’s lifetime. Once the agreement duration has lapsed, you will be able to acquire the system on fair terms.

Save electricity costs and ensure long-term profitability

Are you looking for a secure and reliable investment, as well as permanently lowering your electricity costs? Then investing in your own self-sufficient photovoltaic plant is your best solution.

You can currently secure the external capital you require with very low interest rates. Your own investment will have a shorter amortisation and return period, and your profits will grow steadily as electricity prices are continuing to increase.

Acquire a photovoltaic installation for your home and dramatically lower your bills

Residential self-sufficiency is possible in Spain, both with and without storage batteries, thanks to new legislation that has come into force.

Electricity prices have risen by more than 60% in the last five years, while the cost of a photovoltaic installation has fallen by up to 70%. This has made installing a photovoltaic system in your home even more affordable, as you can avoid being completely reliant on the oscillating cost of electricity as determined by traditional suppliers.

Pay less, gain more

With only a simple installation, you can produce the energy you require to cover your daily needs. You can then store up any additional production for later use, such as at night time, for example. You could also return this surplus energy to the public grid and be reimbursed for it. Furthermore, a residential photovoltaic installation built using our best components can currently be amortised in an ever-shorter period of time. 

Contact us for more information and we will put you in touch with our network of expert installers.

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