FAQs about our Energy Solutions

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How can the power from renewable energy be stored?For a long time, storing solar power was not possible – or very difficult. This was one of the main arguments made against photovoltaic (PV) systems. Our storage facilities enable you to reliably store the power you have generated, which in turn makes your business more independent and improves the profitability of your PV system.
How long does it take for a photovoltaic system to pay for itself?There are savings in comparison to drawing energy from the grid. Taking into account self-consumption optimisation, the amortisation period can be very attractive for businesses.
What is a Power Purchase Agreement?A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is an agreement between someone who generates electricity and someone who purchases it. With BayWa r.e., you can invest in a turnkey solar farm, for example, and use the power yourself.
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