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To overview

To ensure your project results in the best possible conditions and with all the guarantees of utilisation and efficiency, BayWa r.e. offers you specialised, independent technical consultancy services, both in Spain and abroad. Our clients include local developers, international banks and renowned investment and leasing companies, as well as corporate investors, which ensures our services are of the highest possible quality and our working methods have been widely proven with the best possible results.

We will advise you every step of the way until you successfully reach the end

Throughout the project evaluation and structuring phase, we analyse and assess the technology used to ensure that your plant is using the most suitable technology for your project idea. We also offer support when negotiating agreements, as well as carrying out due diligence.

Furthermore, we offer all our partners and clients technical support throughout project development and supervisory services during the construction phase.

Our work does not stop when the construction process comes to an end: we also check performance and operational data during the implementation phase, and develop strategies best adapted to implementation and maintenance to ensure the best possible performance for our farms.

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