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Technical Management

We will advise you throughout the construction process and management of your wind park.

To overview

The type of turbine or project specifications do not matter: BayWa r.e. offers comprehensive and independent technical consultancy services both in Spain and abroad, with guaranteed experience that produces above-average results and performance levels. Our clients include local developers, international investment banks and renowned companies, as well as corporate investors.

Our experts will advise you every step of the way

Throughout the project evaluation and structuring phase, we analyse and evaluate the technology used and help negotiate agreements, as well as carry out due diligence.

Furthermore, we offer technical support throughout project development and supervisory services during the construction phase – from the very first rough draft through to the conclusion of the engineering project.

We check performance and operational data during the implementation phase, and develop strategies adapted to the implementation and maintenance to ensure the best possible performance for our farms.

And it goes without saying that our experts are available to support our partners and clients with any query they may have in relation to managing the project once completed.

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