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Turnkey Construction of Wind Parks

To overview

Experienced in optimising every site by using the very latest technology in wind engineering

When we talk about a turnkey project, we do so in all seriousness. BayWa r.e. takes the reins when acquiring and constructing a wind farm, ensuring every site meets the necessary prerequisites for its development. We are experienced in handling and dealing with any difficulties that may arise while constructing projects of this nature.

We take on the entire process, from start to finish

Thanks to our wide-ranging experience, in both planning and financing projects and managing integrated operations, we ensure implementation is perfectly adapted to the technical and economic requirements of the project. Our highly qualified project managers provide comprehensive support during the acquisition and construction phases, thereby ensuring the operation starts well and ownership of the plants is taken at the opportune moment.

Your success: our objective

Your project’s success matters to us. And when we promise a turnkey farm, that is exactly what we mean: we are tasked with obtaining and delivering the necessary infrastructure and electrical components to ensure the wind farm is fully functional, including the foundations, access tracks, cables, wind turbines and transformers. All the elements are integrated into an optimised and coordinated construction process from beginning to end. 

From the very start until the day of delivery, we establish a specific model for managing timescales and costs. We believe planning is vital, and obtaining and organising complete technical documentation is fundamental for the model to be awarded the BayWa r.e. quality guarantee.

This ensures our turnkey teams work in sync with our operational management department to deliver a project that is fully functioning together with all the information necessary to manage it efficiently and cost-effectively.

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