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An Additional Expert Maintenance Service for your Plant

To overview

Our wide range of services also includes land maintenance. As a result, we complete the technical care of your installations and provide comprehensive control of your plant.

BayWa r.e. also offers manual cleaning services, with tractors or even with robots. These are diverse and effective systems that are chosen according to the needs of each photovoltaic plant.

Cleaning of modules

Regularly cleaning modules is especially important in Southern European countries. Due to long periods of drought, more dirt accumulates on the surfaces of the modules than in other climates.

We have vast experience in cleaning modules, and carry out the procedures that have the best cost-benefit ratio for each case.

Land maintenance

Vegetation control around your plant is necessary for reasons that go beyond aesthetics. If proper precautions are not taken, there is a risk of incurring fees for not keeping the land in good condition.

There is also a higher likelihood of fires and infections due to standing water or rodents living in the area. With our vegetation control service, you will benefit from a healthy and controlled environment at your renewable energy plant.

Did you know that bees coexist with solar parks, in a perfect harmony?

The insects pollinate the flora and maintain the balance of the field. This action prevents desertification and the excessive creation of environmental dust that can settle on the photovoltaic modules and make them dirty. Solar parks suitable for beekeeping not only produce greenenergy but also meadows full of insects that coexist in this mutual support association.

We offer much more than operation and maintenance 

Our wide range of additional services includes:

  • Controlling vegetation growth
  • Preparing ecological studies and surveys
  • Controlling and eliminating invasive species
  • Mowing Grass
  • Weed abatement
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