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Comprehensive Consulting and Engineering: Trust in our Knowledge

Choose BayWa r.e. to provide the technical support you need in each phase of your project

BayWa r.e. offers a range of technical and engineering services as well as specialised consulting. We can help assist you through all stages of the development of your projects. This includes acquisition and financing. 

Our operation and maintenance services help keep plants running to their optimum efficiency.

Technical consulting 

Consulting and engineering services for your assets

We have vast experience in wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass energy. We can help you acquire and finance projects ensuring all the necessary technical tests to complete due diligence. We also help to administer your projects by providing technical accounting of professional management, optimisations, and evaluating the repowering potential. Lastly, we perform the necessary thermography to analyse the status of your photovoltaic systems and electronic equipment.

For these reasons, community energy co-ops, public services, energy suppliers, international banks, investment funds, and institutional investors have been placing their trust in BayWa r.e. for many years.

Project planning 

BayWa r.e. strives to support you during the entire process, taking charge of everything from bid management to finalising processes. Additionally, we help you to design the necessary engineering.

We are here by your side at all times, working from the initial idea through to project completion whether it be wind farms or solar installations, on land or rooftops.

BayWa r.e. can provide expertise and knowledge for all renewable energy projects, even for most complex challenges. We take care of all project responsibilities, from viability studies and planning, to programming the engineering work using 3D CAD software.

Our vast experience allows us to give you the support you need during the bidding process and contract negotiations, ensuring your project meets all local and national requirements. 

Our project management service guarantees that each stage is carried out to completion and is held to quality standard. Upon request, we can even manage all construction work and quality certifications through to final approvals.

LiDAR wind measurement

We determine your exact wind potential

Wind measurements are the most reliable method for determining the potential of your land. LiDAR technology offers extensive benefits compared to measurements taken by conventional meteorological stations. Furthermore, the equipment can conveniently be assembled and relocated in just a couple of hours. Also, it can provide accurate data at the elevations used for wind turbines, including the newest models.

This precision system works even for measurements taken 200 metres or higher from the ground. LiDAR is similarly used to evaluate the performance characteristic curve of wind turbines.

Our LiDAR services are certified under the DIN EN ISO standards.

Energy yield assessments for wind and solar farms

Discover the energy potential of your land through our comprehensive assessment

Our specialised software uses meteorological data to conduct yield assessments.

This provides you with the reliable data needed to assess your project. Meanwhile, our experts prepare reports on the noise emissions and vibrations of the wind turbines. In carrying out due diligence, we analyse and assess existing yield reports.

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