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Developing and Acquiring Wind Park Projects

To overview

Experience, reliability and innovation: the pillars of our work 

BayWa r.e. combines dynamism and economic strength

It is a mixture of flexible engineering and the financial strength of our parent company, BayWa AG. We have 30 years of experience in the wind sector. By working with us, your project is guaranteed to be a success.

Our international, highly qualified team works with extremely experienced local partners to develop projects and investment plans for efficient and sustainable wind energy projects. 

We help and support our clients throughout the project’s development phases

The main services we offer include on-site assessments to ensure suitability for the installation of wind farms, applicable authorisation procedures and that planning conditions are met, in addition to offering ongoing support throughout the approval process. We also work closely with our internal project finance team to obtain the necessary resources through local and international banking institutions.

When developing wind projects, we focus on corporate models. We offer a comprehensive range of options adapted to your needs and we will always find the most appropriate model for each client.

Experts in finding the most suitable model for your needs

As well as managing our portfolio of ongoing projects, at BayWa r.e. we are always on the lookout for opportunities to acquire new projects at different stages of development. We work together with local developers who are seeking financial or technical support, or indeed need planning support on the long road from the ‘open field’ phase through to having a fully functioning project.

Every new challenge results in a new corporate model, since every project requires a model that has been personalised to balance the relationship between participating partners. Based on this concept, our experts have developed different models designed to meet the specific needs of our partners. We specialise in assigning different developmental tasks and phases in accordance with the specifications of each project and helping our partners and clients to successfully overcome any hurdle or obstacle so they adapt to new sector conditions.

Are you looking to sell the rights to a wind project, or are you thinking about developing a project of this kind? Do not hesitate to contact us to discover our associative models:  info(at)

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