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BayWa r.e. España S.L.U.

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 657, Ent.
08010 Barcelona

Phone: +34 936 033 110
Fax: +34 936 033 139
Email: info(at)

Manager: Rafael Esteban
Established in 2010
Approx. 15 employees

Technical and commercial management services.
Management and design of on-site consumption projects: Project Development, Turnkey Construction and Project Finance.

Photo credits:
Wind turbines in operation: /en/wind/projects/project-development-project-acquisition/  © Florian Hauser /
Aerial shot, construction solar park: /en/solar/projects/  © Florian Hauser /
Construction solar park: /en/solar/projects/turnkey-construction/  © Florian Hauser /
Approval solar park: en/solar/projects/turnkey-construction/ © Florian Hauser /
Wind park aerial shot: /en/company/about-baywa-re/company-information/  © Karsten Enderlein
Lighthouse: /en/company/about-baywa-re/ © shaunl / iStock
Wind turbines on hills: /en/company/about-baywa-re/company-information/ © chinaface / iStock
Flags: /en/ © AdrianHancu / iStock
Wind turbine lifting: /en/wind/projects/turnkey-construction/ © Vestas 
Turnkey construction: /en/wind/projects/turnkey-construction/ © The world is drone 
Paper, Pencil: /en/wind/projects/project-development-project-acquisition/ © Christian Frumolt
Solar, Technicians: /en/services/maintenance/on-site-service/ © Christian Frumolt
Power pannel, Technicians: /en/services/maintenance/on-site-service/ © Alexander Dornberg, Josef Weizenbeck  
Flowers, Solar: /en/services/maintenance/module-cleaning-vegetation-control/ © Jan Roeder
Man, Supervising: /en/solar/projects/turnkey-construction/ © Florian Hauser /
Aerial shot, Solar park: /en/solar/projects/turnkey-construction/ © Daniel Posner
Meeting, Discussion: /en/solar/projects/finance-investment/  © Christian Frumolt
Hand, Paper, table: /en/services/operations-management/commercial-management/ © Christian Frumolt
Solar, Technicians: /en/services/planning-consultation/project-support/ © Christian Frumolt
People, Meeting room: /en/services/operations-management/commercial-management/ © Raúl Mellado 
Paper, Pencil: /en/solar/projects/project-development-project-acquisition/ © Christian Frumolt 
Hand, Grass: /en/company/about-baywa-re/sustainability/ © Seamind Panadda / EyeEm /Gettyimages
Chair, People, Led Light: /en/company/about-baywa-re/sustainability/  © Atmosfair
Forestation : /en/company/about-baywa-re/sustainability/  © Climate Partner
Technician, Solar park, Module: /en/company/about-baywa-re/sustainability/ © Zukunftswerk
Solar panel on roof: /en/solar/projects/on-site-consumption/ © Florian Hattenkofer

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