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Regain the Potential of Long-term Revenue through your Solar Assets

We optimise your solar plant operations

Are you a solar energy plant operator, an IPP or an investment fund? Would you like to know more about the performance and earning potential of your older plants? Have you considered modernising your solar facilities? 

Updating the technology used by your solar plants may considerably improve availability and production and could reduce maintenance costs. 

Installing next-generation components and equipment is likely to improve the performance of your solar parks, reduce maintenance costs, and give you better returns.

Increase the long-term value of your solar assets with the help of our experts

Repowering and/or revamping maximises the energy production potential in older or non-functioning solar power plants. Repowering entails replacing photovoltaic panels or power inverters with those from an operational solar power plant. This increases power up to the permitted technical limit.

Revamping involves replacing older elements and designing new solar plant, usually without increasing nominal capacity. 

Both approaches can help your solar installations increase power output potential and revenues, and substantially lengthen operational life. With more than 10 years’ experience in the Spanish market, our experts are ready to work alongside you to help you achieve your solar park optimisation objectives. We offer customised solutions that fully reflect your needs. 

Our areas of specialisation

  • General engineering
  • Substitution equipment procurement
  • Construction coordination and delivery
  • Modernised facility maintenance

We offer comprehensive services delivered by our team of specialised engineers

BayWa r.e. guarantees a quality service and full commitment throughout your entire revamping or repowering project, relying on the skills and experience of our engineering team. You can trust us to manage and administer all the activities involved in designing and delivering revamping and repowering projects.

Your project’s optimised design is based on the following elements:

  • Project diagnostics (historical data analysis, plant tours, previous reports, module testing, inverters, structures/trackers, etc.)
  • Design proposal to optimise production and modernise components
  • Analysis of existing authorisation permits and contracts
  • Detailed technical specifications and final designs for construction, and facility optimisation during construction, and operational and maintenance phases

Our services in depth 

  • Support for obtaining permits for plant operations 
  • Optimised electrical and mechanical design drafting
  • Implementation plan proposal to reduce unavailability of supply during the revamping and/or repowering period
  • Procurement of solar panels, junction boxes, cables, inverters, new structures, SCADA, monitoring etc
  • Transport management and panel and equipment storage
  • Disassembly of all components 
  • Structure adaptation, installation, and connection of new modules
  • Construction management and safety guarantees 
  • Testing and operationalisation (commissioning) of new solar power plant
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