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Reliable and Efficient Plant Operation with BayWa r.e.

Perfectly qualified technicians ready to solve your problems

To overview

Local presence, efficient solutions

Our organisation is based on decentralisation, which allows us to offer comprehensive maintenance covering all areas and arriving quickly to your solar plants and wind farms. Your plant will always be nearby, as we have technicians located throughout Spain.

We perform regular maintenance inspections in accordance with current legal requirements and technical standards. When we plan, verify and carry out our work, we always prioritise the interests of our workers and investors.

BayWa r.e. has been working on digital transformation for many years now. The field technicians and project managers who work in our offices all have real-time access to the same database. This ensures sustainable optimisation of the plant and avoids having to implement alternative solutions.

Services for medium and high voltage 

We cover service of medium and high voltage maintenance. Our service technicians can change up to 30 kV.

We provide the following services:

  • Performing mandatory electrical tests, like OCA 
  • Fast on-site problem solving: administration of appointments and deadlines through local service professionals
  • Implementing prescribed standards 
  • Carrying out thermography, characteristic curves and insulation measurements
  • Plant liability
  • Repair and maintenance of all common switching systems
  • Data connection with our own SCADA specialists
  • Managing all documents linked to plant and labour liability. This includes occupational health and safety (OHS) documentation
  • Generating reports with recommended actions to correct errors

We would be delighted to meet with you to provide support for whatever you may need, and discuss how you can best benefit from our services. 

Ongoing maintenance for a successful operation

In addition to the maintenance and operation of your photovoltaic plants, we can also offer a comprehensive package including everything from assembly, testing, and analysis, to spare parts. 

  • Assembly

    Our team of experts will install your photovoltaic plant either on the ground, on your rooftop, on your carpot or even on your floating-PV plants. They will take all the important factors into consideration during assembly, including the inclination and orientation of the modules. This is essential, as it has a major influence on the yield of the panels. 

    Capitalise on our vast experience and make it work for you!

  • Spare parts

    The combination of central and local digital resources allows us to react quickly to any demand; we also have one distribution warehouse in Spain. As an ISP (Independent Service Provider), we work with all manufacturers.

  • Testing and analysis

    Even minor defects can have a significant impact on yield, a thermography is the best way to quickly and consistently detect defects in solar systems. Besides, even we can test your modules using the electroluminescence method. This lets us detect any small damages that may not be visible to the naked eye.

    Ask us more about this service if you want to ensure the quality of your modules in an efficient and profitable way.

  • Laboratories

    We test the yield of your solar panels at our laboratories. By removing the climate factor, we can identify micro-cracks in the silicone cells and other potential weak spots. This increases the shelf life of the modules.

    We guarantee regular monitoring and control of your yield.

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