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Financing and Investment

We look for the best financing options and offer high-quality, viable and sustainable investment opportunities.

To overview

Transparency and trust: our best assets

In an ever-changing field such as renewable energy, trust and security play a fundamental role for operators and investors. Thanks to our extensive experience and knowledge of different markets, as well as our financial strength, BayWa r.e. can determine your best financing options for a solar energy plant. When looking for investors or financiers, we use the security afforded by presenting a well-structured project in all specific areas and a photovoltaic plant model based on performance.

Transparency and economic strength: our pillars

Thanks to many years of managing our own projects, at BayWa r.e. we are familiar with any investor demands and we are offering this experience to our clients. Above all, we value transparency in financial management and commercial and business relationships that are long-lasting and based on trust. Our large financing network allows us to find the ideal partner for each project and to organise financing conditions that are attractive for all parties involved. Our financial strength also affords us a great deal of flexibility when provisionally financing projects right through to completion.

The biggest attraction for an investor: guaranteed profit

Our solar energy plants offer high-quality and interesting investment opportunities to attract and ultimately obtain investors’ interest: all of our projects are characterised by reliable cash flow, with all the necessary guarantees and an attractive return. Our international product portfolio includes the entire existing range from collective photovoltaic installations with medium levels of investment through to multi-megawatt solar farms with investment figures greater than EUR 50 million.

Regardless of the specific and individual characteristics when designing a solar energy project, at BayWa r.e. we always have the same objective: to obtain a viable and sustainable investment for our clients.

Acquiring projects and projects

In parallel to developing our own solar energy projects, at BayWa r.e., we also acquire projects in any stage of development and offer support until the plants are commissioned. This support goes much further than simply reaching peak performance. Contact us if you would like to sell a project or are looking for financial or technical support for your development.

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