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Charging Infrastructure and eMobility Specialists

Your first port of call for installation and servicing in Spain

In need of reliable charging infrastructure?  We've got you covered!

eMobility is a fundamental consideration for cutting emissions in the transport industry. It is an essential part of the renewable energy revolution. At BayWa r.e., we've been rethinking energy for more than 25 years, and we can offer you solutions that simplify the switch to eMobility. Our experts will advise and assist you with installing and servicing your charging infrastructure. We are your go-to partner for all things related to eMobility in Spain.

We will support you in all phases of your project - from local on-site analysis and comprehensive consultation, through to the installation of the charging stations and configuration of the necessary hardware and software. We also manage operation and servicing. We work with various leading manufacturers in the sector and have modular solutions to suit all requirements. 

10 years of Installation expertise

We have extensive experience in the field of solar and wind energy as well as eMobility, and can apply this to your project. We assess your requirements to develop the best solution for your needs. Our expert eMobility team takes care of everything involved in implementation and installation, including civil engineering, electrical cabling, installation, and configuration. We can also advise on hardware-related issues prior to installation.

With us, you are guaranteed a ready-to-use charging infrastructure.

Peace of mind servicing

After the handover of your charging infrastructure, we provide you with comprehensive maintenance and servicing that is fast, effective and competent, 365 days a year. This gives you peace of mind and reassurance that any faults will be swiftly fixed.

Our services

Put simply, we offer project planning and help you select the best charging station for your circumstances. We cover all areas of charging infrastructure to help you build your best electrical vehicle charging system. 

We offer:

  • Professional site analysis
  • A single point of contact for efficient project planning
  • Building services such as civil engineering, electrical installation, and cable laying 
  • Specialist electricians with 10 years plus experience in the eMobility industry
  • Hardware to meet specific requirements (quick charging, standard charging, wall boxes)
  • We work together with local partners
  • Servicing of charging stations, including maintenance and repairs
  • Comprehensive solutions for your energy supply
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