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More than 200 Voices, one shared Mission

To overview

Sustainable success driven by passionate people

Inclusivity, diversity, and equitable processes power everything we do. Like you, we know that effective organizations are those which encourage everyone to bring their authentic best. That’s how we effect change.

We can’t achieve genuine success all over the world without a range of perspectives from different cultures. It demands daily intercultural dialogue, where everyone is deserving of empathy, respect, and sensitivity.

Whoever and wherever you are, whatever your role, we want you to come as you are. Across dozens of markets and hundreds of specialist areas, we all share one passion: Doing the right thing, for people and planet.

Our Initiatives

  • Talent Management

    Empowering people to do their best every day

    Our employees get the opportunity to bring their true selves to work every day, in trusting and respectful environment. We’re always developing our talent management system to make it more individualized and relevant. We also ensure it has enough budget to make a positive impact.

    Specific technical trainings have increased tenfold over the last year. Trainings align with individual professional goals. We’ve paid special attention to leadership training. Managers, especially new ones, get support in facilitating effective communication within teams.

    There are also corporate-offered internal DEI trainings on offer. Santiago López, one of our Managing Directors in Spain, is one of our Executive Ambassadors for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, setting an example from the highest levels.

  • Social Benefits & Compensation

    Showing we value our employees

    Today’s employees value more than financial incentives alone. Social demands have changed; it’s never been more important to care for people’s health and mental wellbeing at work. Our employees get attractive, competitive packages that emphasize flexibility and work-life balance. Benefits include:

    • Health coverage for all employees
    • Intensive working on Fridays, with a 3pm finish
    • 27 paid vacation days per year, with December 24 and 31 as paid time off
    • Access to the internal company wellbeing hub
    • Wellness-focused events
    • Comprehensive travel insurance
    • Employee referral bonus program
    • Local and organic fruit baskets in the office
    • A flexible telework policy 
    • Extensive team building events
  • BayWa r.e. Family Community

    Supporting employees and their loved ones

    Balancing work and family life is demanding, especially for caregivers of children and elderly family members. We foster a supportive environment for employees with these responsibilities. The Family Community space connects, inspires, and supports employees in their roles as family members.

    Statistics show that working caregivers face challenges globally. In the EU, one third of people aged 18-64 have caring responsibilities alongside their employment. That’s around 100 million people either taking care of children below 15, or disabled or elderly parents.

    This underscores the importance of initiatives like flexible working arrangements, longer parental leave, and social support like the BayWa r.e. Family Community.   

  • DEI Community

    Putting diversity into action

    Wherever we are, robust dialogue and interactive initiatives help us foster collaboration, challenge norms, and enact positive change. The BayWa r.e. DEI community promotes allyship, empathy, and understanding. It creates environments where we treat one another with respect and sensitivity. Shared love of our planet and its people unites us, as we build a sustainable future that leaves no one behind.

    Our DEI community comes from diverse backgrounds, committed to driving diversity, equity, and inclusion. Together, we create inclusive workplaces by sharing knowledge, ideas, and experiences. We’re amplifying a wide range of voices, celebrating unique talents and perspectives.

  • Pride @ BayWa r.e.

    Embracing who we really are

    Workplaces are now more diverse than ever, empowered by open dialogue and education on key issues. Pride @ BayWa r.e. is a welcoming space that celebrates and supports LGBTQIA+ inclusion within our organization. It’s a safe environment where employees can share experiences, connect with like-minded individuals, and advocate for change.

    In this community, we embrace the spectrum of sexual orientations, gender identities, and expressions. We create an atmosphere of acceptance, understanding, allyship, and respect. Engaging events and initiatives let us raise awareness and challenge biases. Together, we’re working to build businesses and societies where everyone can come as they are.

Our activities per entity

Collaborating to create future-fit workplaces

Partnerships are the cornerstone of our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) at BayWa r.e. Working hand in hand with esteemed organizations, we strive to effect change and foster inclusivity. 

Through collaborations like Workplace Pride, Women of New Energies (WONE), and Women of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy (WRISE), we champion gender diversity, provide equal opportunities, and promote leadership development. Our dedication to the principles of Charta der Vielfalt underscores our pledge to cultivate a diverse and inclusive workplace. 

Globally, our long-term partnership with Olympic sailor Sanni Beucke's campaign, "This Race is Female," reinforces our sustainability and gender equality commitment. In Spain, interactive talks with Sanni amplify the importance of women's representation in leadership roles within male-dominated industries. 

Additionally, collaborations with organizations like Fundación Juan XXIII and STEM Women Congress highlight our efforts toward social and labor inclusion and the promotion of female talent in STEM fields. We also partner with Seisdeltres, a socially driven company, for initiatives like providing gifts for our employees' newborns, further supporting labor inclusion and community welfare.

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