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Green Hydrogen: the Key to Managing the Energy Transition

The clean energy of the future

At BayWa r.e., we are aware of the huge potential that green hydrogen has in the transition towards climate neutrality, which is why we are involved in numerous projects with the aim of making progress towards achieving this goal. 

We are seeing a significant investment in the development of green hydrogen production facilities and in improving and enhancing electrolysis technologies, all in order to lower unit production costs. Furthermore, the demand for green hydrogen will continue to grow more and more to speed up the energy transition. As a result, it will also be necessary to increase investment in the generation of renewable energy.

As an international leader of renewable energy, at BayWa r.e. we have the means required to take on this challenge and offer support in green hydrogen production.

How Green Hydrogen works

Renewable energies

Renewable generation: wind, solar, hydroelectric or biomass, harnesses natural resources to produce clean and sustainable electric power, reducing carbon emissions and promoting the transition to a future with a more sustainable energy.


Electrolysis is a process that uses electricity to break down water into hydrogen and oxygen, opening the way to a clean, renewable energy source.

Direct use

The direct use of green hydrogen revolutionizes key sectors and drives the energy transition by being a clean and versatile source that can replace fossil fuels, reducing emissions and promoting sustainability.

Pipeline network

The transport of green hydrogen through hydroproduct networks facilitates its distributed, efficient and safe transportation, boosting its mass adoption as a clean and sustainable alternative source.


Green hydrogen revolutionizes industrial applications by providing a clean source of energy and heat, reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability in sectors such as manufacturing, chemical processing and refining.


The use of green hydrogen in mobility promotes the deployment of clean and emission-free vehicles, offering a sustainable solution for transportation and reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

Power generation

Green hydrogen can be an alternative as a long-term energy storage, balance supply and demand, support the integration of intermittent sources, and decarbonize the energy sector.

Our global experience

Globally, BayWa r.e. is part of several initiatives that promote the use of green hydrogen:

  • Collaboration with Lhyfe. They will develop a green hydrogen production unit and at BayWa r.e. we will provide a 40MWp solar farm with a battery energy storage in France
  • The SinneWetterstof project, which we undertake in collaboration with Alliander in Holland

Green hydrogen in Spain

Green hydrogen is a key vehicle for Spain to achieve climate neutrality. The Spanish government is therefore encouraging its extensive use. Green hydrogen production will reactivate a green economy with the creation and reinforcement of the industrial fabric and the local value chain, promoting innovation, generating technological knowledge and giving rise to sustainable jobs.

At present, the entities responsible for the country's energy transition are drafting a regulation in Spain to control the way in which green hydrogen projects are undertaken, and it is expected that the regulatory framework will continue to be implemented across Spain and Europe.

Green hydrogen requires a renewable energy supply at competitive prices and Spain finds itself in an excellent position to stand as European leader in the green hydrogen race. In addition to its climate and excellent geographical position, the country has a large capacity for industry and for generation of renewables, as well as a robust infrastructure network. 

Spanish Green hydrogen goals

Spanish Green Hydrogen Roadmap


Installation of 300-600 MW of electrolyser plants.


Minimum renewable hydrogen contribution of 25% of the total hydrogen consumed in 2030 in all industries.


Integration of renewable hydrogen powered transportation vehicles, concerning bus, rail and maritime transport.

Our Expertise

Besides materialising our project portfolio and carrying out Greenfield projects, in Spain we are currently focused on implementing new technologies of which we already have experience in other countries, one of them being the production of green hydrogen. 

With this aim, we are giving rise to Renewable Hydrogen Projects aimed at various sectors such as mobility, industrial uses and green derivatives. We are also considering energy storage solutions as a business improvement regarding our renewable portfolio, as a levelling strategy for our green hydrogen projects and as assets for the new independent applications market.

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