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Making strategic decisions to optimally manage a plant requires entrepreneurial thinking and a vision of the future, and this is where our financial management service can help you. If necessary, we not only take on the technical aspects of your plant – we can also undertake all the required commercial work as well as the security and economic viability of your assets. At BayWa r.e. we undertake contractual management, insurance management and accounts management. We also support the operating company’s management team in all aspects associated with annual accounts, audits and taxes.

Our asset administration department is on hand to advise you when making strategic decisions and can help you to optimise your plant’s function, should you need it. If requested by the client, we can take full control of your project and attend management and shareholder meetings. At the same time, we can offer a fiscal residence for each project’s companies if necessary. Regardless of the duration of our mandate, we continually focus on maximising your project’s performance.

General overview of our services:

  • Account and fiscal management for all ongoing business activities provided by a team with significant experience in renewable energy. 
  • Preparing and publishing annual financial statements.
  • Compiling annual reports and business reports for investors and banks.
  • Developing business, liquidity and cash flow plans.
  • Managing insurance and damage claims.
  • Optimising operational and financial costs, and financial restructuring.
  • Completing operations in foreign currency and managing the associated risks.
  • Integral company/SPV management on an administrative and financial level.
  • Billing exported energy, distributing energy and on-site consumption.
  • Managing leases, verifying and implementing disbursements. 
  • Efficiently managing all commercial, financial and business tasks, while meeting the needs of all creditors and investors.
  • Contractual management and negotiating with banks, owners and authorities.
  • ROC & FIT processing, billing and estimates.
  • Managing VAT returns.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs in detail.

    Ferran López
    Asset Management
    BayWa r.e. España S.L.U.
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