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Technical Management Solar

To overview

We communicate constantly with our clients to meet all their needs

Centralised monitoring, project management and on-site service teams, as well as evaluating and testing the processes and structures, all provide the necessary technical support to guarantee maximum availability and optimised performance for your photovoltaic plant. To ensure this level of support and maintenance, we can offer you an entire range of services, starting with those where we develop tailor-made support concepts, providing a competent and reliable 24/7 service whenever it is required. At BayWa r.e., we recognise the importance of being closely involved in order to completely understand a client’s needs, and we promote this philosophy by directly sharing information in regular meetings and events.

Our focus is on building a strong local presence that benefits efficiently from our central resources. Thanks to this approach, we have been able to capitalise on our technical knowledge of systems and processes in order to build a strong financial foundation for BayWa r.e., which is key.

Experience and quality ensure smooth operation

At BayWa r.e., we are in a position to guarantee the best possible operation of the photovoltaic plants and wind farms we develop, and we guarantee the availability and effectiveness of these plants up to 99%. In our years at the forefront of the renewable energy market, we have developed new maintenance concepts and focused on achieving optimum efficiency and performance. A good example of this concept is inspecting installations using drones which, using thermal imaging, reveals any weak spots in your system from an unparalleled perspective. This allows us to fully exploit its output and obtain the best possible economic performance.

Various clients from a variety of sectors make use of our services. Thanks to our vast experience of operating photovoltaic systems, we can use our knowledge at a large number of installations, ranging from on-roof systems of 100 kWp to large systems on the ground.

General overview of our services:

  • Remote monitoring of the farm’s operations via our 24/7 control centre, including a 24-hour multilingual call service.
  • Controlling, monitoring and checking completed maintenance and repair work.
  • Reduced response times for critical works.
  • Managing commercial operations, trading generated energy, supplying energy.
  • Integrated systems for managing, storing and backing up data.
  • High availability and premium access to responses using global relationships with suppliers.
  • Managing PRL to guarantee our clients’ interests and our employees’ wellbeing.
  • Experience of high- and low-voltage electrical operations.
  • Direct line of communication with assigned asset managers.
  • Managing and monitoring periodic maintenance, repairs and inspections.
  • Optimising on-site performance and analysing improvements for generation.
  • Surveying thermal/curved images (also using drones).
  • Analysing operational data, technical assessments and writing ongoing reports.
  • Technical reports.
  • Warranty, insurance and loss claims.
  • Best data system security using our monitoring system.
  • Innovative maintenance concepts such as the solar electricity collection assistant.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs in detail.

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