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Technical Management Wind

To overview

We are responsible for your projects from start to finish

It doesn’t matter which direction the wind blows, BayWa r.e. and the project manager responsible for your project will work hard to ensure that your wind farm generates the maximum energy while providing the best profitability. Our main focus is the economic viability of your wind farm, and as a result we offer integrated solutions to manage farms and the associated substations.

Thanks to many years of hands-on experience and supported by our ample knowledge of the market conditions, we can ensure maximum performance by optimising our clients’ wind farms. This is all possible thanks to excellent coordination between our control centre, those responsible for the project and our field technicians. These services include a technical and economic evaluation of operational results, strategies to sustainably improve the farm’s performance and an in-depth study and support should the farm be damaged and require repair.

A system that works

Our control centre follows market best practices, providing reliable reaction times and solutions to problems almost in real time. To do so, BayWa r.e. uses powerful management software. Operational data is captured automatically, then analysed and evaluated by our specialist personnel. All documents are stored electronically. The maintenance log for each farm can be consulted at any time and is fully documented.

A project manager and assistant are assigned to each farm, and they provide long-term professional support. Together with our specialists, our on-site service engineers and wind-farm guards, we monitor operations on the farm and ensure that all procedures along the process chain function fully.

General overview of our services:

  • Remote monitoring of the farm’s operations via our 24/7 control centre, including a 24-hour multilingual call service
  • Regular on-site visual inspections
  • Optimising and repowering farms
  • Organising, monitoring and analysing periodic inspections, using drones, infrared photos and log documents for the farm
  • Managing and documenting the PRL using our digital platform
  • Managing and monitoring periodic maintenance, repairs and inspections
  • Gathering operational data, managing and analysing the information
  • Technical reports and following-up any actions completed on-site
  • Managing warranty and insurance claims, and any potential events that may be detrimental to the project

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs in detail.

    Carlos del Castillo
    Operational Management
    BayWa r.e. España S.L.U.
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