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Alhendín Solar Farm

A BayWa r.e. project.

Committed to Spain’s local development

Alhendín, is a 54 MWp solar park located in Alhendín, in the region of Andalusia, Spain. With a total area of about 80 hectares, the solar park has three types of PV technology: fixed, tracking and Agri-PV.

Present in Spain since 2010, we have already installed more than 500 MW in the country, and we have over 2 GW in our PV and wind project pipeline.

Clean energy in Granada

This is the second project we develop in the province of Granada.Throughout the development of the project -that started construction Works in November 2022-, BayWa r.e has had the support of the local authorities and communities and it is expected that Alhendín begins operations in 2023. 

The energy produced by the solar park is equivalent to saving more than 20,000 tons of CO2 which is enough energy to supply green electricity to 24,700 households.

Type of projectGround mounted PV park in Alhendín, Granada (Spain)
TechnologyAlhendín I: fixed, Alhendín II: fixed agriPV, Alhendín III: tracker
Peak power54 MWp
Annual power output 96.8 GWh
Surface80 ha
Modules 85,140 modules
Annual Consumption 24,700 households
Agri-PV Installation Expected to be 5,1 MWp- 10% of the solar park

Part of a pioneering energy agreement in Europe

The Project is part of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) that BayWa r.e. signed in 2022 with VELUX group, the world-leading roof window manufacturer.

This is the first Agri-PV Corporate PPA in Europe since about 10% of the Alhendín solar park will be an Agri-PV installation. Once connected to the grid in 2023 and 2024, Alhendín and Gerena- a second project being built near Seville- will generate 167 GWh of renewable electricity every year, equivalent to the electricity consumption of approximately 45,000 European homes.

Solar Symbiosis

This PPA is pioneering the concept of solar plant symbiosis, integrating solar power production with nature and community for mutual benefit. The development of both solar plants will include a comprehensive plan and suite of community and environmental measures that will enhance local biodiversity and foster community involvement.

To ensure that the parks will always prioritise their local environment and communities, BayWa r.e. will be partnering with nearby universities – namely Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Universidad de Córdoba – to form an interdisciplinary research group whose findings will ultimately inform a comprehensive and bespoke site strategy.

Our first Agri-PV project in Spain

This special PV application in which BayWa r.e. is a pioneer and leader, combines food production and renewable energy generation.

This installation will be specially designed with taller rows of panels, more widely spaced to allow farming to continue and modern agricultural machinery to pass between the panel rows, in this case to produce crops.

The PV modules will also be used to collect rainwater, which will help the farmer manage the continuing risks posed by climate change and droughts in a very dry area, bringing the water-energy-food nexus to life.

An example of Best Social and Environmental Practices 

This is a flagship project in terms of sustainability since it perfectly embodies the synergies between new solar generation, Agri-PV, community partnerships and biodiversity. 

Following the concept of solar symbiosis, the first three years the agricultural land will be left as it is or seeded with crops that do not require any chemicals.

The following years, once the land has been recovered and during the useful life of the photovoltaic plant, the agricultural activity will be conducted by our farmers as organic agriculture to prevent the land in use from any chemicals and protect the environment of the area. The local farmer will also contribute to the site’s harvesting activities fostering the maintenance of local agriculture.

In this way, the project can play a crucial role in the fight against climate change and can be a game-changer in unlocking more sustainable pathways and solutions. 

    Mikel Zubillaga
    Project Developer
    BayWa r.e. Projects España S.L.U.
    Carlota Contreras
    BayWa r.e. Projects España S.L.U.
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