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At BayWa r.e. we are making renewable energy even better – in a sustainable and responsible way. We support our clients in meeting their sustainability goals and, by doing so, contribute to the global energy transition.  

More than that, acting in a sustainable way is part of our corporate culture and our DNA. Our dedicated commitment to a wide range of different projects and initiatives is evidence to that, and to the way we do business.

Smart Biogas Network, Tanzania

Biogas is an affordable energy source that does not pose a health hazard, contributes to recycling waste cleanly and sustainably, and thus helps to care for the environment as well as generating clean, affordable energy for all. Biogas is already firmly established as a way of supplying energy outside the Tanzanian grid. As a partner in the ‘Smart Biogas Network’ project, BayWa r.e. helps to ensure existing plants run smoothly, maintains them and guarantees a reliable energy source throughout the country, which helps make a real difference in people’s day-to-day lives. Since our commitment goes beyond mere economic benefits, we are also taking the planet’s well-being into consideration, too.

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Charity project for the "All tribes" school in the USA

Our commitment focuses on other needs, as well as energy, economic and environmental needs: we also focus on communities’ wellbeing in relation to their surroundings. As an example, the All Tribes American Indian Charter School in California, USA, is committed to the socio-economic and specific cultural needs of Native Americans in San Diego. In addition to designing, developing and assembling a solar photovoltaic system generating 25 kW, BayWa r.e. has contributed to meeting some of these needs by producing educational materials on renewable energy specifically for students and teachers. This is one way of ensuring a smooth and lasting relationship between the community and their commitment to the planet.

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‘Fair wind energy’ award

In May 2017, BayWa r.e. was awarded the ‘Fair wind energy in Thüringen’ hallmark by the German Thuringia Energy and GreenTech Agency (ThEGA). This hallmark is evidence of our voluntary commitment to the directives to ethically develop wind energy in Thüringen. Among the key objectives, the directives established by the German agency seek to promote proactive participation among all interested parties involved in a project, as well as to transparently handle any information relating to said project and all parties involved, including energy suppliers and regional lending institutions. This is a way of coordinating the workload and taking steps towards a cleaner and fairer world together.

BayWa Foundation

Helping people to get access to clean energy and food

Founded in 1998, the BayWa Foundation initiates and supports national and international sustainable education projects focusing on renewable energy and nutrition.

The BayWa Foundation has the unique benefit that it can dedicate 100 percent of the donations to its projects, since the BayWa AG covers all administrative costs. In addition, BayWa AG matches the funds of each donation, thereby doubling each contribution.

A fundamental aspect of all our projects remains educational initiatives. We believe that the only sustainable way of helping people and to offer long term development opportunities to those most in need, is through education. More information.

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