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BayWa r.e. continues Asia-Pacific expansion

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BayWa r.e has launched a new solar systems distribution business in Makati City, the Philippines’ main financial hub, continuing its expansion in the Asia-Pacific region.

Already active in the region, BayWa r.e. recently designed and supplied the components for a 600 kWp PV project in the Philippines from its offices in Thailand. The new distribution base in Makati City, within the Metro Manila region, will now enable BayWa r.e. to better serve the growing renewable energy market in the Philippines and ensure BayWa r.e. is able to offer its full range and guaranteed stock levels to solar installers across the country.

Frank Jessel, Global Director of Solar Trade for BayWa r.e., says: “Since starting operations in the Asia-Pacific region in 2015, we’ve launched successful PV distribution businesses in Australia and Thailand. We’re delighted to now bring our international experience, comprehensive product range and industry-leading customer service to the Philippines. We already know there’s an established and thriving Commercial & Industrial market and we also see opportunities from the growing number of off-grid projects within the commercial and domestic markets.”

BayWa r.e’s new office and warehouse are now up and running and newly employed local staff are on the ground. As the business grows, BayWa r.e. hopes to offer a further boost to local employment.

Demand for energy in the Philippines is increasing rapidly but the country has some of the highest energy prices in southeast Asia. 

While currently relying heavily on coal, the Philippines has recently committed to reducing its energy emissions by 70 percent before 2030 as part of the Paris climate agreement. The Philippines' Department of Energy (DoE), through its National Renewable Energy Program (NREP)*, plans to increase renewables output to an estimated 15,304 MW by 2030 – roughly 35 percent of total demand. 

“The Philippines’ renewable targets have sparked a surge of solar installations and our new distribution base puts BayWa r.e. in the best possible position to support local installers”, adds Daniel Gäfke, Director of Projects for BayWa r.e. APAC. “This investment is an exciting next step in the expansion of our Asia-Pacific operations, which we also hope will help contribute to the Philippines’ own energy future and give its people access to clean, green power.”

BayWa r.e. continues to invest in and expand throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Recently, BayWa r.e. entered the South Korean market and is already moving forward with its first solar project developments. Entry into the wind project and solar distribution markets is expected to follow quickly. 


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