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BayWa r.e. part of Energy Industry Dialogue

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Together with the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, other key players in the energy industry, associations, and civil society organisations, BayWa r.e. participates in the Energy Industry Dialogue (Branchendialog Energiewirtschaft) to address the issue of sustainability in global supply chains for the energy sector.

The aim of the multi-stakeholder forum is to bring together resources and expertise to reflect on how to decisively reduce risks relating to human rights and environment in global supply and value chains.

BayWa r.e.'s participation in this Industry Dialogue is closely linked to the company's own sustainability goals, as part of which it implemented various sustainability initiatives and projects. 

Matthias Taft, CEO BayWa r.e. AG, commented: "BayWa r.e. takes its responsibility regarding sustainable practices in the global supply chain very seriously. We are pleased to be part of the Energy Industry Dialogue and to work together with other key players to ensure greater transparency and high standards for working and environmental conditions in the industry. Only this way can the energy transition in Germany and around the world become a real success."

The energy industry plays a key role in solving societal challenges, such as the energy transition or supply security. It is the second industry sector after the automotive industry for which the German government launched this format. The energy industry is aware of its responsibility with regard to a sustainable supply and value chain and wants to jointly develop effective and strong measures within the framework of the Industry Dialogue to protect and promote human rights, the environment, and sustainability in the energy sector.

Find more information about the Energy Industry Dialogue here.

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Karin Kreuzer
Global Communications Manager
BayWa r.e. AG
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